April 9, 2009

Why Is Hillary Laughing?

Hillary Clinton was commenting about the situation concerning the so-called “Somali pirates,” and during her remarks she let loose with a “let’s change the subject” laugh that she hasn’t made since a reporter spotted a cheerleader under Bill’s podium back in ‘93.
Here’s the video.
For those wondering about the reason for Hillary’s sudden cackle, I have five theories:
1) Nervous laughter because she suddenly realized she would be reprimanded for saying “piracy” instead of using a slight variation of the Administration’s preferred term, “Man-caused seafaring disaster.”
2) Desperately trying to suppress the urge to say “ARRRR!.”
3) Caught off guard by being asked about doing nothing about the Somali pirates when she was expecting to be asked about doing nothing about North Korea’s missile launch and Iran’s nuclear program.
4) Giddy because her “the world needs to come together to end the scourge of piracy” remark gave her a book idea: It Takes a Village to Erase a Pirate
And the most likely possibility…
5) The guy standing next to her looks an awful lot like somebody who just baked a Moroccan air biscuit, doesn’t he?
One of the most disconcerting traits of the Obama presidency so far is that whenever something bad happens, the first response of the administration is to very sternly wonder why nobody else is doing anything about it. “Global consensus” is required to attack everything except our paychecks. Now that’s piracy.
Update: John Kerry says this serious “pirate” situation calls for immediate hearings! That should scare ‘em, Senator.
For a preview of those hearings, click here.

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