April 16, 2009

CNN Reporter Slamming Tea Party Goers In Chicago

CNN "reporter" Susan Roesgen harassed protesters yesterday at the Chicago Tax Day Tea Party Protest. Susan slammed the event for being "anti-government," "anti-CNN," and "not really family viewing." But, oddly enough, Susan had no problem when Bush was called a fascist at a rally on January 13, 2006. In fact she called a puppet of a "devil Bush" a look-alike of the president.Here's a video comparison of CNN's Roesgen from 2006 and from yesterday:Hat Tip Ron HackleySusan gives angry liberal reporters a bad name.Michelle Malkin has more on Susan's tirade:
So, the Tea Party protests are “not fit for family viewing” according to one very unhappy CNN reporter, Susan Roesgen, who also fumes over what she calls an “offensive” anti-Obama sign that compares Obama to a fascist. (And yes, I told you this was going to happen.)But guess what? Newsbusters caught the same indignantly indignant Susan Roesgen covering an anti-Bush rally in New Orleans in which she blithely refers to a huge Bush puppet with horns and a Hitler mustache as a “lookalike.”** Founding Bloggers has exclusive video from the Chicago Tea Party after CNN’s Susan Roesgen became belligerent with a protester and the cameras cut back to the studio.** Flying Debris was there too. Don't miss his photos of Roesgen!

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