April 17, 2009

Another News Story About Obama Covering Christian Symbol During Speech

The White House confirmed yesterday that they asked for the symbol,which represents the name of Jesus, to be covered “to have a consistent background of American flags....”
It is difficult to imagine how any President could ask a Catholic University to cover up a sacred symbol representing Jesus just to accommodate a speech and create a background.
Group wonders out loud if President Obama would have covered sacred symbols of the Islamic faith?
Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition, states:
“In 32 years of public ministry, I have never seen a President of the United States show such complete contempt and disrespect for faith. This action by the White House should appall and anger every American who cherishes sacred traditions...especially Christians.
“The fact that the Obama White House would ask a Catholic University to cover up a sacred symbol of Jesus to provide a better backdrop for his speech shows that President Obama has no understanding or respect for sacred expressions of faith.
“The image that the Obama team portrayed during the campaign of Mr. Obama being a man of deep faith, understanding and tolerance is now completely in tatters. It is stunning and shameful that anyone would ask a Christian institution to cover up a public expression of Jesus just so they could have a better background for a televised speech. This is not a person who respects or cherishes faith.
“What’s next Mr. President, covering up the baby Jesus at Christmas events?”

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