April 26, 2009

The First 100 Days; Can We Handle Another 100 More?

State of the Union after Barack Obama’s first 100 Days:
Taliban forces are raising hell in Pakistan and, if they are successful, that nation’s nuclear arsenal will be turned over to Osama bin Laden. Iran continues it’s relentless drive toward membership in the nuclear club while denouncing Israel. North Korea fires missiles and rockets at will.
Recent events in Iraq suggest a surge in the insurgency there. The left’s pet project in Afghanistan is going badly and according to some military types, the war there may be lost.
Mexico appears to be the source of a new and deadly swine flu that could become a global pandemic, while violence and murder from civil war spills over into the U.S.
America’s economy continues to deteriorate with scant evidence of the millions of new jobs that the stimulus lark was supposed to produce.
Losing “only” $1.4 billion dollars in the first quarter causes Ford Motor stock to rise, while executives at Chrysler and GM spend their hours trying to finagle additional billions from the U.S. treasury before filing bankruptcy.
Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano has trained her sights on vets and other right-wing extremists while offering her blessings to illegal aliens.
Meanwhile, President Obama spends his time bowing to foreign kings, playing Human Resources manager for the auto industry, cavorting with Latin American dictators, bad-mouthing America to anyone who will listen, and banning “harsh interrogation” techniques that proved effective in saving Los Angeles.
THIS is change we need?

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