April 13, 2009

Tea Parties Terrifying Moonbats

There's a reason the mainstream media has barely mentioned the growing Tea Party phenomenon: it scares moonbats witless. A stain spreads across Wyatt Shev's trousers as he whimpers in terror:
April 15th. Write that date down; people — it could very well mark the beginning of the end. With the notoriously conservative Tea Party movement gaining steam, is it time to take the 'United' out of 'United States'? … On April 15th, hundreds of thousands of PO'd red meat eatin' Americans will converge on the streets to protest the Obama administration's policies and platforms. … In reality, their 'movement' is incredibly divisive, a mindset that stands in sharp contrast to Obama's calls for bipartisanship in this time of great national need. Their arguments have the potential to divide the country along titanic lines not seen since the bloody days of the Civil War.
Think I'm exaggerating here? The Tea Party movement is an incredibly dangerous concept, fuelled by the usual gushes of sycophantic support from the conservative news media (here's looking at you, Fox). … If the country continues down this dark path, a second Civil War might not just be a cool idea for a sci-fi novel anymore. … I hope the protesters fail in their mission to bring their message to a national audience. It's a message of fear, prejudice and, quite frankly, hate. … The Tea Party movement represents a real danger to the tenets of democracy Americans have embraced for centuries.
On the contrary, peaceful protests against the deliberate bankrupting of our economy and the imposition of socialism are the quintessence of the tenets of democracy Americans have embraced for centuries.
On Tax Day, the Tea Parties will be too big for the media to ignore, so it will turn to Plan B: demonizing anyone who takes party in them. Shev won't be the last to stick a shiv into patriots who care enough to take a stand against the leftists destroying our country.

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