April 11, 2009

Obama Russia And Iran

The Russians are "cautiously optimistic" about Barack Obama and the direction he wants to take the U.S. Sure. If I were one of Russia's leaders, I'd be optimistic, too. Having Obama, an appeaser and an apologizer, in the White House would be great cause for optimism. From the Jerusalem Post:
Russia's foreign minister said Saturday that relations with the United States are on a positive track under Barack Obama's administration, but warned that Moscow won't make any trade-offs like agreeing to increase pressure on Iran. "We are satisfied with how our relations with the new US administration are developing," Lavrov said in a speech to a group of political scholars. "Mutual confidence was being eroded for a long period, and it will take time to rebuild it. But we are moving now in the right direction." ...Russian officials have voiced hope that Obama will dump his predecessor's plan to deploy missile defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic. Obama has not said how he intends to proceed with the missile shield, but has stressed the system must be cost-effective and proven. Obama said last month he had told Russia that reducing Iran's pursuit of a nuclear weapon would lessen the need for a US-planned missile defense system in Eastern Europe. Medvedev has said that Moscow will cooperate with Washington in dealing with the Iranian nuclear standoff, but ruled out any quid pro quo on missile defense and Iran. Of course, Russia is pleased. No missile defense system in Eastern Europe.No increased pressure on Iran. What's not to love?Relations with Russia will stay on a positive track as long as the U.S. agrees to appease and apologize. As long as we agree to be weak, everything will be hunky dory.

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