April 14, 2009

St. Louis Media Linking Tea Party To Extremist Group!

The St. Louis FOX News Channel accused the Tea Party Protesters of being linked to an extremist and anti-government group!FOX reported that the Constitution Party-- a group they call "radical" and "extremist" --is behind the Tea Party protests.And, therefore the protesters must be some radical extremists.This was a horrible misrepresentation of the Tea Party movement.Bill Hennessey and Dana Loesch organized of the protest here in St. Louis. As far as I know they are neither members of the Constitution Party or extremists. I was asked to speak at the St. Louis rally and can assure you that I am not a member of the Constitution Party-- and am not familiar with the group.** If anyone knows which Far Left organization fed this crap to the local FOX station please let me know in the comments or by email.They really need to correct this dishonest report:Thousands of protesters are expected to attend the St. Louis Tea Party protest planned for Wednesday.The US debt is so large that America couldn't qualify to join the EU.President Obama expects the deficit level to be 12% of GDP this year larger than Great Britain's record 10% deficit to GDP.According to Heritage, Obama will quadruple the deficit this year.Obviously, the local FOX Channel believes you must be some sort of an extremist to question the historic spending by the current regime in Washington.Here is the email of the FOX reporter behind this claim: charlesjaco@fox2ktvi.comThanks BThe St. Louis Tea Party Protest will be held at Keiner Plaza at the corner of Market and Broadway on Wednesday night. Hennessey's View has more information.The Facebook page is here.Local radio host Dana Loesch is also helping with the St. Louis protest.

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