April 14, 2009

Moonbats And Polar Bears Don't Mix

Warning: moonbattery can be extremely hazardous to your health, as demonstrated by a German known only as Sandy K, who may actually have believed that polar bears are cuddly love bundles oppressed by the evils of economic freedom. She apparently decided to comfort the put-upon creatures at the Berlin Zoo, where she climbed over a thorny hedge and a concrete wall to jump into their pool.
Onlookers saw her smile as she swam towards the bear seemingly unaware of the danger.
But her apparent joy turned to terror when the animal, which can weigh up to 680kg and kill a beluga WHALE, bore down on her and ripped into her flesh.
Zoo workers desperately tried to distract the bear — and three others circling menacingly nearby — by hurling sticks, food and balls into the pool.
But the animal continued its attack on the unnamed woman, from Brandenburg, biting her hands and legs. Eventually a rope was thrown woman and she was pulled to safety.
Not to worry, the identity of the bear that nearly killed her is being protected, lest he suffer negative publicity:
Zoo curator Heiner Kloser said: "Polar bears are predators and they do not care what they eat. It was terrible but we do not wish to identify the bear involved."
At least we know it wasn't Cute Knut.
Unfortunately the incident is unlikely to convince moonbats that polar bears are not fluffy victims, but vicious beasts that hunt humans for food. It produced an LA Times headline reading, "Do German Polar Bears Need Protection From Obsessed Fans?" You be the judge of who needs protection:

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