April 11, 2009

Obama The Pantywaste

From the Washington Post, who might actually believe this tripe about the pirate "foreign contingency situation":
"Yet the group's objectives have thus far been domestic, and officials say that U.S. intelligence has no evidence it is planning attacks outside Somalia."I don't know, I mean, I'm not a member of the State Department, but I'd say that pirating an American ship is an "attack outside Somalia". But maybe I'm just too stupid to understand geography, or the complicated, diplomatic concepts of "outside" and "Somalia".I love this quote, pure Slobbering Media:
Some in the Defense Department have been frustrated by what they see as a failure to act. [God, ya think?] Many other national security officials [can I have their names please?—notice the "some" vs "many" slant here] say an ill-considered strike would have negative diplomatic and political consequences far beyond the Horn of Africa. [Raise your hands, anybody who gives a shit.] Other options under consideration are increased financial pressure and diplomatic activity, [While an American Captain remains in the clutches of pirates we have within gun sight, in a life-boat, surrounded by American Warships...yeah, let's do that—let's put a hold on their checking account!] including stepped-up efforts to resolve the larger political turmoil in Somalia. [How about this: Fuck Somalia; blockade it and sink any ship that leaves a Somali port.]Read the whole pathetic thing here: Obama Team Mulls Aims of Somali ExtremistsI'm not sure "mulling" is what's called for just know. But then, what do I know. I didn't go to Harvard.

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