April 16, 2009

ABC Just Latest News Outlets To Mock Tea Parties

"Aimed At Media Attention""Not A Grassroots Movement at all""They did get to vote, they just lost"....They also said "polls show Americans don't feel overtaxed"What an absolute joke of a report from ABC World News with Charlie Gibson, slamming the tea parties,Let me get this straight, during the presidential campaign, anytime people would stand in line and wait hours to go to a Barack Obama event, the media would fall all over themselves talking about the numbers Obama would get at a rally, and how people were following his message of change in record numbers. Yet today, hundreds of thousands of people take time out of their day to attend Tea Party rallies in over 600 different cities in the U.S. and the media discredits and mocks it as some right-wing sponsered hate fest. No wonder they are losing the numbers they are. If this was a Anti-Bush rally, it would be doing your patriotic duty...

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