April 26, 2009

Why Libturds Love Dictators

The very people who rail on ad nauseum about Social Injustice, Poverty, Militarism, and Disenfranchisement for some inexplicable reason, seem to venerate and oft times adore thuggish Third World Dictators. The examples are endless: Jimmy Carters’ validation of Hugo Chavez’s rigged election. Half of Malibu’s entertainment glitterati making pilgrimages to Fidel’s or El Jefe’ Hugo Chavez’s Workers Paradise, then lauding those dictatorship’s political and health care systems as models for the world to emulate. Michael Moore’s “Crockumentary” of the same socialist paradise of Cuba. Lastly our newly minted President sitting through Daniel Ortega’s anti-American screed whilst nodding in affirmation, then apologizing for America’s alleged sins toward Latin America.
Liberals almost without exception appear to feel this way about dictatorships and it is truly an oxymoron. How can one claim to love freedom yet fawn all over political leaders who crush dissent, imprison dissidents, marginalize women and other minorities, or in the Castro brother’s case have people stood up before firing parties? It seems to fly in the face of rational thought, and that is where those on the Far Left go off the reservation. They really don’t trust average people to govern themselves and arrogantly view non “Elites" in dire need to be led..... by THEM. I give you as example the recent tirade of Ms. Garoffalo who mused that Conservatives had ‘Limbic Brain” abnormalities. If one does not agree with her worldview, one is mentally ill. The Far Left seem to want a world which never was and never can be, but suspend reality because it makes them feel better thinking that they can craft a Utopia. Socialists / Fascists believe in the concept of a “Benign Dictatorship” where some political strongman rules his people in a father like manner. If one looks at any dictatorship’s propaganda and iconography it is apparent that those very strongmen cultivated that very image. North Korea has it’s “Dear Leader.” Nazi Germany had carefully crafted propaganda extolling Adolph Hitler as a “Savior” and father figure. Lenin, Stalin, Castro and Mao all used similar propaganda to appeal to the innate need of some humans to “Be Led” or taken care from the cradle to the grave. They are willing, as Benjamin Franklin observed, to relinquish political and economic liberty for security. The problem is you end up with neither safety nor security. You end up with a repressive, bloody Police State in every instance. Nations which embrace economic and political liberty have winners and losers, People win or lose elections and people succeed or fail economically, but they aren’t stood up against walls and shot, thrown in dungeons like the Lubiyanka or Lefortovo, or gassed and thrown into ovens like those at Dachau or Treblinka. For to implement all the glories of fascism / socialism it becomes necessary at some juncture to silence, cow, imprison, or outright liquidate a sizable segment of a nation’s populace who prefer liberty. University Professor and Obama “mentor" William Ayers explained exactly that to FBI Informant Larry Grathwohl in the early 1980s when he observed that it would be necessary to eliminate several million Americans who refused his form of governance. Ayers went so far as to suggest the armies of a foreign power be invited in to help in accomplishing this. The success of “The Revolution” had costs he explained. Somehow people who consider themselves intellectually superior like Garoffalo, Penn and their political counterparts like Ayers, Dohrn and George Soros, seem to believe when that type of socialist dictatorship is imposed upon the United States that they will be the Oligarchs who shall sneer down as Liberal Fascism is imposed on we that they hold in such utter contempt. Socialists love dictatorships and strongmen because in their hearts they secretly desire to be dictators and strongmen. They imagine how much “good” they could do for society without that antiquated Constitution, and those that still venerate its pesky Bill of Rights. They should be careful what they wish for. Lord Acton’s statement on “Absolute Power Corrupting Absolutely” has been born out in every instance. History reveals that when an absolute dictaorial regime is set up it soon finds threats and enemies--even amongst its own true believers. King Henry the 8th in the mid 1500s went about merrily cutting off the heads of those he thought might be threats, including his wife Queen Anne Bolyn. It was true under Stalin. He killed millions of Russian including his fellow “Hero of the Revolution” Leon Trotsky, going so far as to have NKVD agents track Trotsky down in Mexico and kill him with an icepick. Stalin paranoically even purged his entire Army senior staff liquidating any officer he felt to be remotely disloyal. Hitler in the “Night of the Long Knives” purged the SA and killed Nazi Party founding member Ernst Rohem. Mao Tse Tung killed millions in his Long March and purged and imprisoned a sizable percentage of his population in The Cultural Revolution. The North Vietnamese army after the fall of Saigon in 1975 went about eliminating former loyal VC leaders who might pose a political threat. The problem with dictatorships is that there is no “Separation of Powers." Kings and "Dear Leaders” almost always soon become paranoid and murderous. It is a fact and function of human nature. The Magna Carta was forced upon the English King at the point of a sword. Oliver Cromwell had yet another Crown Sovereign beheaded in the English Civil War for repressive and seditious acts against his own subjects. Dictators can only be removed and dissuaded from their repressive and murderous pursuits and policies by Force of Arms. It is why Dictatorships cannot ever be permitted to flower and take root in a society in the first place. It is why America’s Founders insisted upon a Bill of Rights, "checks and balances” and a Second Amendment. The Left is either ignorant, dismissive, or attempting to re-write history if it believes that it can have total power over all Americans without checks and balances and Separation of Powers without it eventually devolving someday into a bloody tyranny. I can think of not one historical example where an absolute leader came to power who then DIDN’T end up imprisoning or liquidating any and all who opposed him, including many acolytes, useful idiots, and fellow travelers. Sir Winston Churchill once observed that Democracy was a poor form of government except that all the others were so much worse. Perhaps that is why the bust of old Winny was unceremoniously sent back to London shortly after January 6, 2009.
Sir Winston would be very leery of the course that the political Far Left has set for America.

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