April 11, 2009

President Pantywaste

The Telegraph U.K. is chock full of delightful tidbits. Here's one by Gerald Warner, about the 2009 Obamapalooza European Apology Tour. You will enjoy it, I promise.He calls Obama "President Pantywaist".How could anything that includes that sobriquet be wrong?

1 comment:

  1. Obama’s deranged fantasy of ridding the world of nukes is the international equivalent of banning guns in America! The cities that have the worste gun violence in U.S. are those that tried banning guns! Only the crimals kept them! This has been demostrated countless times, not only in the U.S., but Australia (who know has a murder epidemic with screw-drivers..lol)

    If/When the law-abiding nations of the world give up their nukes, only Islamic radicals and problem-child "want-to-be" nations will have them, AND then also the UNDETERRED ability to use them!
    Liberal/Socialist brain damage just has no bounds!