April 12, 2009

President Pantywaste Shocked That Millions Are Celebrating Good Friday

WASHINGTON (TSO) - Days after telling the world that America has no Judeo-Christian foundation, the President is "beside himself" with news that millions of Americans are in fact celebrating Good Friday today by remembering Christ's crucifixion.
Aides tell Spotted Owl News that the President had no idea that the Son of God, born in Judea two-thousand years ago, who willingly subjected himself to humiliation, torture and death on a cross in order to defeat death and give salvation to humanity, would, "cause such a ruckus," on Good Friday.
A senior administration official tells Spotted Owl News that the President has been going to church for years and has never heard any of this but promises to root out the source of this hatred and intolerance as soon as he, "gets the whole economy thing straightened out."

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