April 22, 2009

Leftist Weenies and Torture

Torturing the Bush administration, American soldiers and members of the U.S. Intelligence community has long been a favorite pastime of both foreign and domestic enemies of American freedom and power. But the advent of a New Leftist regime in DC, largely funded by foreign anti-American money and elected by domestic anti-American voters, has upped the ante in that dirty little ideological war over political power…
In other words, like every other divisive issue under the sun, national security has now been completely politicized, and as a result, dangerously compromised. This is what you should expect from a spineless commander elected by spineless leftwing ideologues, both of whom imagine America as the evil empire of the world.
Against the advice of every security expert in the universe, including Obama CIA chief Leon Panetta, but much to the favor of American enemies everywhere, the Obama regime released Top Secret CIA interrogation memos directly related to an enemy who still has America squarely in its sights.
In an effort to redirect public attention away from growing public dissent against failing Obama policies, Obama decided to refocus the nation upon regurgitated leftwing reports of CIA “waterboarding” and other allegedly “criminal” interrogation efforts used by the CIA in the international ”War on Terror,” which Obama recently renamed, the ”Overseas Contingency Plan,” whatever that’s supposed to mean…
The reaction within the halls of the CIA were immediate and almost disastrous, as their efforts to keep America safe had been labeled a form of ”terror and torture” by the new administration.
Immediately upon returning from his weekend retreat with Communist dictators and anti-American thugs, Obama was forced to rush a meeting at CIA headquarters, in which he tried desperately to quite violent reactions within the CIA, to administration efforts to politicize their work. An empty effort that clearly failed… These folks know a fraud when they see one.
In that speech, and for the following 24 hours, Obama sought to calm CIA nerves by repeatedly rejecting any notion that his administration would ever seek prosecution against the people who had managed to prevent a second or third 9/11 for eight years.
But on the other side of the debate, within the leftist groups responsible for electing Obama Commander-in-Chief, there was another, even more violent reaction building.
Less than 24 hours after the CIA speech, Obama reversed course, and dumped the matter in Attorney General Eric Holders lap, allowing as how senior Bush administration officials who had issued the orders or had provided legal opinions to the CIA, would be investigated and possibly prosecuted for their efforts to prevent a second wave of terror attacks on U.S. soil.
The charge would be a form of “war crimes,” ‚Äì similar to those asserted by America’s enemies abroad, who had hoped for a much friendlier enemy in America, and now have one.
Obama was clearly caught squarely between his oath of office and his leftwing constituents. His office, which places above all other obligations, his obligation to defend America, American citizens and the American Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, - and his political power-base and their nutty political desires for a witch hunt to punish political opponents like Bush at any cost, a common fantasy within his extreme leftwing constituency.
Though Obama tried to convince CIA employees to the contrary, clearly, his nutty leftwing constituents had won round one… National security was now front and center in the political war against all who dissent against leftwing nutjobs and their even nuttier concepts of American sovereignty and security.
It’s a disgusting display of spineless partisan politics at the expense of national security, at best. At worst, it’s an overt effort to accelerate the leftwing goal of completely destroying the greatest nation ever known to mankind.
What About the Truth?
Let’s pretend like the truth matters for just a moment. The leftist allegations of “torture” and “terror” aimed at American intelligence operatives and members of our Armed Forces are based upon a couple of well-known interrogation tactics, at the center of the rage, a practice called “waterboarding.”
For those who have never watched the NBC show Fear Factor, let me explain what “waterboarding” is… So as not to make this too complicated for leftists who might have accidentally made it this far into this column, it is ”simulated drowning,” with great emphasis on the word “SIMULATED.”
The interrogation subject is NOT being drowned. They are being made to “FEEL” like they might be drowning, to introduce a “fear factor” aimed at getting them to disclose that which they desperately need and want to conceal, namely, the time, place and form of the next attack on innocent civilian populations, before their friends can carry out such attacks.
Those of you who have watched the NBC show Fear Factor, know that this is NOTHING compared to what NBC put contestants through for a lousy $100,000 prize.
A second tactic of grave concern to leftist weenies is the practice of placing a terror subject in a confined area, blindfolded, along with a completely harmless caterpillar, which would creepy crawl up and down the extremities of the terrorist, again, to induce a fear factor that might put him in a better mood to chat.
If NBC had limited its games to only these tactics, their show would have failed after the first two episodes.
High Valued Assets
These “extreme” tactics were reserved only for “high valued assets.” Jaywalkers were never “waterboarded” or forced to sleep with caterpillars. Only well-known terror leaders, known to possess the very kinds of information that could prevent another 9/11, were interrogated with “extreme” measures.
And, as a result, the tactics worked because they were used only on assets known to have the information sought.
For the record, America has always had strict “rules of engagement,” including how captured enemy combatants must be treated and interrogated. On the other hand, our enemies have NO such rules… While we go out of our way to be humane to our enemies and avoid loss of innocent life whenever possible, even at the high price of American lives, our enemies choose innocent, unsuspecting civilians as their primary target.
Making it Personal
It has been my experience that the average American has no concept of what our enemies are like or what it takes to provide security for 300 million American civilians focused on a round of golf or the kids’ next soccer game. How wonderful that most Americans can live in such a world…
But the only way to help the average American understand even a glimpse of what national security folks deal with is to make it VERY personal.
So, I use the following scenario to help you better understand the topic.
Imagine that your family is the victim of a home invasion, in which multiple attackers invade your home in the middle of the night, kidnapping your children before you can stop them. But you manage to catch the last attacker before he can escape your home along with the others, who have already taken your children to God knows where, to do God knows what....
You know that this man knows where your children have been taken and what they intend to do with your children. Where do you draw the line in trying to extract the information needed to save your children, from a man who has no intention of ever providing you with that information?
You know that you should dial 911 for the police, but you also know that as the saying goes, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away...
You know that the police also have “rules of engagement,” that they cannot use “extreme” tactics to find out where your children are without being prosecuted for such abusive behaviors.
So, you decide to ask the attacker yourself… Where do you draw the line? How far are you willing to go to save your children? Is “simulating” drowning to scare the truth out him too far? Is strapping him to a kitchen chair and letting a caterpillar crawl up his arm too far?
300 million Innocent Children
The primary task of the DOD and CIA are to get the answer to this question, not for their own children and home at risk, but for 300 million innocent civilians and the entire American way of life, at risk.
Where should they draw the line in efforts to gain the information necessary to keep you able to focus on your next round of golf or the next kids’ baseball game?
Every individual will answer this question differently, but I suspect all of them will draw the line somewhere beyond “simulated drowning.”
Prosecuting for What Purpose?
48 hours after Obama promised to “support” the CIA, news headlines are covered with Bush-Era Officials Could Be Prosecuted.
After 9/11, the Bush administration clearly chose an aggressive pro-active strategy to make certain that no second or third wave of terror attacks happened on U.S. soil on their watch. As no follow up attacks succeeded on their watch, and many were indeed tried, I’d say that the Bush strategy was hugely successful. Despite the facts, some still disagree…
The Obama administration clearly has a very different strategy in mind. Only time will tell how successful the apologetic appeasement strategy will be, even though there are past indications, 9/11 itself being one of many, that anything short of an aggressive pro-active strategy will fail with this particular enemy.
Still, Obama is the current Commander-in-Chief, like it or not, and he will develop his own strategy for keeping America safe and sound. Maybe they will be as successful as the Bush strategy, and maybe not.
But before those who want to lynch people for doing too much to keep America safe start making their nooses, I recommend they take a very serious look at the truth, and then ask themselves the following question…
Before I lynch the Bush national security team for doing ”too much” to secure our nation from repeat 9/11 attacks, am I ready to lynch the Obama team if it turns out that they have done ”too little?”
Watch what you wish for… As Bush is finding out today, the policies and powers once put in place to defend, can be used by a later enemy for attack. The same will be true for Obama soon… Tread carefully…

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