April 13, 2009

UPDATE: DHS Calls Returning Vets "Right Wing Extremists"; Could Incite Violence

Washington, DC -- The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has issued a report saying that returning U.S. military members may pose a domestic security threat!The report talks about how government inaction regarding illegal aliens, new gun laws and the worsening economic climate may make vets ripe for recruitment by "right wing extremist" groups who may resort to violence against the government.The report is designated "For Official Use Only" as it contains "Law-Enforcement Sensitive" details. The report specifically says it is NOT to be released to the media or to the public.Thankfully, our sources inside the department of Homeland Security have gotten a complete copy of this report to us and we now provide it to all of you.Homeland Security cannot make a move without us knowing about it.Report Here

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