April 13, 2009

Take The Quiz

In the continuing effort to separate the meat-eaters (US) from the grass-eaters (THEM), especially pacifist weenies like caday5, the Anti Liberal Zone is offering up a quiz to assist those on the fence in finding out where their sympathies lie. Those that score low, welcome to the fight, those that score high, please, by all means, feel free to take a long walk on a short pier or play Russian roulette with a Glock.
RATING:The scale is: 1 through 5 (1 - Strongly Disagree, 5- Strongly Agree).
1. The state should take things from selected groups of people for the common good.
2. You desire to led around by the nose and need big government bureaucrats to make decisions for you.
3. There should be no winners in a sports match, it should always be a tie to make everyone feel good.
4. A big smile and fancy verbiage (ala a teleprompter) are far more important than executive experience for a president.
5. Those kids who never invited you to their parties in high school or asked you for a date deserve to be punished, especially the jocks and brains.
6. Traditional marriage is a dinosaur of the old days, holds back women, however, h0m0s getting married is neat, cool, and modern.
7. What people do in the bedroom is no one's business however, the state should always be involved in all decisions about: a) your education, b) the food you eat, c) your health care, d) how much you make, e) your thermostat setting, f) the vehicle you drive, g) if you can smoke, h) your ownership of private property, i) how many kids you have, j) where you live, k) who your friends are, l) do you own any guns.8. The only fat white old people think America is cool.
9. Domestic government spending should never be cut, welfare, medicare, medicaid, etc, is just too important.
10. Only politicians from the GOP should have any legal, ethical, or moral transgressions questioned.
11. Having two autobiographies ghostwritten about a life highlighted only by a few college degrees is more important than having actual accomplishments to write about.
12. It is okay to ridicule Christianity but Islam must be tolerated and promoted though multiculturalism and forced diversity.
13. Minorities cannot be held to the same standards as whitey since they can’t meet the mark and have to be helped out.14. Learning math, reading, or science, is passe. It's more important to learn feelings, sexuality, and transgender tolerance.
15. Bureaucrats, with a college degree, know how to raise children better than parents do, including the area of homeschooling.
16. People who make bad choices in life must be cared for by those who work hard and make good life choices.
17. Feelings mean more than facts and logic in an argument and when dealing with non-progressives, dropping f-bombs is okay.
18. No one should be allowed to suceed or fail. Life is a team sport.
19. Global warming skeptics should be silenced because Al Gore said they are wrong.
20. All cultural beliefs, mores, and values are equal and should not be judged, with the exception of racist, intolerant, stupid, homophobic, white conservatives.
A. 0 - 20 points: You are a member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

B. 21-29 points: You are a racist who hates our Dear Leader and like Rush Limbaugh, you want him to fail. You suck.
C. 30-39 points: Call 800-LIBERAL fast, there is hope you can become like Peggy the Moocher with reeducation.
D. 40-49 points: Take another toke dog and then join Obama's Civilian National Security Force.
E. 50-59 points: Ask Mommy and Daddy for some money to stay at the "Y" for awhile to bathe and get cleaned up. You reek. F. 60-69 points: Che rocks, the USA sucks big time.G. 70-79 points: When you reply to conservatives, your monitor screen is riddled with spittle and your fingers hurt from pounding the kybd.H. 80-89 points: You go to sleep with your Al Gore and Barack Obama dolls and the lights on.I. 90-100 points: Your blog comments are in ALL CAPS, no caps, with misspelled words, and no punctuation.

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