April 9, 2009

Obama To Push Amnesty

Washington, DC -- It's official: President Barack Hussein Obama intends to pursue AMNESTY for the 30 million illegal aliens already in the country; and an EASING of immigration laws to allow millions more to come here.The White House acknowledged today that Obama has begun lining up support for the Bill and will continue doing so throughout April so he can ramrod the Bill through Congress in May.Prepare for battle. Real battle. Political hardball on a scale never seen before followed by fierce direct action.I envision hundreds of American patriots, casually walking around the US Capitol with a coffee cup -- no big deal, right? Except I envision the cup being filled with gasoline, Patriots walking up to a pro-Amnesty politician, throwing the gasoline on him and telling him, if you vote for Amnesty, the next time we'll light you on fire.I know, you think that's too extreme. It isn't. These politiians are literally giving away our brithright and out nation and no measure is too harsh to protect both.Congress did this Amnesty thing in 1986. AT that time, they PROMISED us they would never do it again, and the fix would solve the illegal immigration problem. They lied.Over the next 23 years, those same members of Congress turned a deliberate blind eye to millions more illegal aliens. Here we are again, 23 years later, and they're trying to grant yet another Amnesty. BULLSHIT to that.Folks, this isn't about immigrants; it's about the rule of law. If millions of people can simply ignore the law and ultimately be granted Amnesty, then the law doesn't matter.If people can cross our national borders without permission, or a check on who they are and what they are, then we have no borders. No borders means no country. It's that simple.In 2007, when the Senate tried to ram-through Amnesty within 3 days (faster than the American people could contact them to oppose the issue) I played hardball and published the home addresses and unlisted home telephone numbers of the 64 US Senators who defied us and backed Amnesty. The day after I did that, the Senate got so many calls at home, 18 of those Senators changed their votes and the Bill went down to defeat.This time, I am not going to wait until the last minute. Within days, I will publish the home addresses and unlisted telephone numbers of both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate so patriots can go to their homes NOW -- before the legislation even gets off the ground -- and make certain these politicians know they will face "trouble" at home if they defy us again by passing Amnesty.Folks, in regular life, as each of us goes about our normal affairs, we end up standing in line. We stand in line for gasoline, stand in line at supermarkets, stand in line at banks. If someone cuts in line, we have no problem telling them, "the line is back there."Illegal aliens have cut in line. It is fundamentally unfair to the millions of others seeking to come here, to allow those who cut in line to get a pass. They MUST go to the back of the line. It's simple fairness.Don't be swayed by accusations that you are anti-immigrant or racist. Those are red herrings that the pro illegal alien supporters throw at you in an effort to shut you up. Talk fairness. Talk about cutting in line. Keep the focus on the law and how illegal aliens have BROKEN TE LAW.Spread the word. The fight is on.

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