April 8, 2009

HEY OBAMA..Pirates That Took Ship Hostage Are MUSLIM!

For years, I've decried--on this site and elsewhere--the use of the term "pirates" in connection with the Somalians who seize ships off the coast of Africa and demand ransom. They are violent, they are Muslim, and they are tied to Al-Qaeda.
And, yes, they are TERRORISTS. Islamic terrorists. You know, the "Religion of Peace."
Now, they've seized a ship with mostly American crew members on board. And maybe now, we'll actually call them what they are. (By the way, so much for Obama's butt-kissing of Islam in Europe, this week. Look how the Muslims "repaid" us the compliment.)
Just because they let most people live and accept money for their thuggery instead of lives, doesn't make them any less terrorist than the ones who murdered 3,000 Americans on 9/11. The ultimate end of their actions is a distinction without a difference from their not so random violence, kidnapping, and threats. It has no relevance to whether or not they are terrorists that they let their victims live.
The pirates centuries ago were largely Berbers--yes, mostly Muslim. They were terrorists then. And they are terrorists now.
I think the American crew being held hostage by them on the Danish-owned Maersk Alabama knows that, which is why they fought back, and according to some stories, have retaken the ship. Americans are tough. As I noted in a previous entry, they wouldn't just take this sitting down, just as they didn't respond to the Shoe Bomber, Muslim Richard Reid, sitting down, and beat him down like he deserved on the plane.
Regardless of whether Americans retook the ship from Muslim terrorists also known by the soft mainstream media euphemism, "pirates," the fact remains: the Somalians who invaded this ship and all others are Islamic terrorists.
Nothing less.
By the way, back in 2005 when I first decried the ridiculous epithets used for these Islamic terrorists on the sea, the leader of the "Somalian pirates" was Mohamed Abdi Hassan. Hmmm . . . sounds very Anglo-Christian to me. How 'bout you?
The moment we actually call things what they are, we'll actually take a big step toward re-taking our own ship a/k/a America, which we're losing fast.


  1. eat crow, loser

  2. You are sad. Unfortunately a lot of republicans attach themselves to "strawman" views and have, with cause, made this party irrelevant.

  3. Oh, c'mon guys. This blog is obviously a joke--and a daggum funny one at that. Hat's off to the authors. You guys've really got the wild-eyed wingnut tone down pat. A total hoot!