April 8, 2009

1,500 Soldiers Were Supposed To Greet Maobama, Only 600 Made It

Obama bashed the Iraq War from Great Britain to Turkey. He further insulted the troops by telling them that now was the time to start transferring sovereignty to the Iraqis.Lost on Obama and the mainstream media was the fact that 13 of 18 provinces were already completely under Iraqi control and the other 5 are close behind. He's not alone. Most democrats were so busy trying to lose the war these past few years that they didn't notice the progress.So, was it really a surprise that only 600 troops managed to make it to the dog and pony show yesterday?The WSJ reported:
Army officers had intended to have at least 1,500 troops from Camp Victory and nearby Camp Liberty, but the secret trip happened faster than expected, beating most of the troops by a couple of hours.Only 600 made it.This point has since been scrubbed from the WSJ article.Don't expect the mainstream media to report this.They got their photo-op. That's what's important.

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