April 7, 2009

On Liberal Thinking

Yesterday, our very own caday5 gave the Gunny the idea for today's essay. He/she wrote that he/she did not believe in Obama's plan but that we should give it a try. Therein lies the abject stupidity of liberal thinking. Conservative thinking goes for the tried and true. In other words, if it works, don't F**K WITH IT! Liberals, on the other hand, are like your kid brother who dissembled once of your toys, gadgets, motors, watches, etc, looking to see how it worked, couldn't put it back together again, and buried it in the backyard so you would never find out. The tried and true versus a social experiment that might work...maybe...if we all pitch in, suck it up, sacrifice, as Maobama calls it (while he eats $100.00 per pound Wugyu Beef), and cross our fingers.
When one talks to a liberal, it's almost an exercise in Abnormal Psychology 101! The liberal brain simply is wired up wrong and cannot and will not EVER! collect and process information in a logical, reasonable, factual, and objective manner. That is why we on the right can never coexist with them. Their thinking is dominated by an obsession with power, holding onto that power, and using that power to preserve their elitist advantages. Why else are they so vociferously against things like term limits or even school vouchers, lest the NEA lose its grip on the dumbing down of America?

It was Hanoi John Fonda Kerry who yammered about liberals being nuanced and intellectual (but he sure ain't!) but liberal thinking is truly nothing more than a childish view, on an emotion basis, slapped onto adult issues. "I feel, therefore I am!" "I feel this is right therefore it must be!" Feelings are the core basis to all liberal thinking. Comrade Maobama panders to the Islamofascists, "we're not at war with you..." thinking that this will somehow mollify their hatred of all things West and free. So we'll get hit again and Maobama will scratch his head and say something stupid like, "but I say we liked them didn't I?" Peace in our time right Mr. Soetoro? This is the kind of muddleheaded thinking that makes liberals unable to deal with complex issues. For example, Carter was unable to deal with the Russians assassinating the US Ambassador to Afghanistan in 1979, he was unable to deal with Ahmadinejad and his fellow terrorists seizing the US Embassy, but he was sure able to crack down on the Shah for human rights violations. It should be noted that the Ayatollah killed more Iranians in the first year of his rule than the 25 previous years of the Shah and SAVAK.

Liberals do not care whether their policies work or not, it's all about how those policies make them feel about themselves, and it only it matters that they "good" or "compassionate" or "nice" as in, I gave a dollar to a bum today, I feel good. A Conservative would rather see the bum working to support themselves i.e., "teach a man to fish" but liberals would rather take the money from you to feed the bum. It makes them feel good. Naturally, there is little if any intellectual examination of whether what advocate works or not, who cares? It does not matter to them if the policy is effective or not as long as the Kumbaya Effect is the result. (Kumbaya Effect. The effect on liberals after implementing a do-gooder policy, that gives them a warm fuzzy feeling, leading to hand holding and the group singing of the liberal anthem, Kumbaya.) It is this same type of fuzzy logic and thinking that causes them to viciously defend and echo the lies of their kind. Liberal feminists like Maureen Dowd (who still can't find a man to marry her) defended BJ BUBBA! Black liberals poo-poo'd the use of the "N" word several times by KKK Byrd but became unhinged at the mention of the non-word, "macaca." Since they are liberals, they HAVE to be good right? Like the Islamofascists, the only thing that can make a liberal attack is a liberal who betrays the Party, i.e., Zell Miller, like an apostate of Islam. Or doing something that helps the cause of Conservatism. Better to be an abortionist, slicing and dicing infants, than to help a Conservative!

Here are some of the ways liberals think.

1. The U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and anything else crafted by a conclave of white men, who were Christians, is wrong. Let's change it and try something different and keep changing it as a “living document.” Unlike a steadfast rock to anchor on, let's turn it into a pile of flotsam and move with the tide.2. It's okay to burn the flag because it makes liberals "feel good" and thus is freedom of speech, but the opinions of conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin, is "hate speech," and must therefore be censored government under the Fairness Doctrine. After all, it's only fair.3. You can slice and dice an infant, suck its brain out, and toss it in a dumpster and it's okay. You can take an infant that SURVIVES Roe v Wade and leave it alone in a back room to die by itself, cold and alone, as Maobama voted for, and THAT'S okay. But propose the execution of a convicted killer like Tookie! Are you a conservative Nazi or what? is cruel, unusual & barbaric.
4. If you have faith, if you believe in God, if you go to church, you're a fool. Only nuanced and smart people avoid church and get their "needs" from the DNC, from cradle to grave. The ACLU is working 24/7 to suppress and oppress Christianity at all costs, (with Soros' money of course) but Maobama and his cohorts are invoking tolerance and sensitivity of Muslims, a vast minority in the USA, like there was an election tomorrow in Dearborn Michigan for Emperor of the USA.

5. There is only one thing we need to know about liberal thinking and taxes and that is, we MUST level the playing field between haves and have-nots, and that the redistribution of wealth is job number one, even over national security. Bush's Tax cuts were WRONG because they returned the money to the people that actually EARNED it, but it's okay to seize that money and give it to those who pay no taxes and use EIC to feed from the trough.

6. Same-sex couples have the RIGHT to marry (except that right is not in the Bill of Rights) and indeed, heteros don't have the right to be married. But who cares. When we deny h0m0s this basic right, it's discriminatory, unfair, wrong, and unconstitutional. Plus it makes them feel good to promote this.
7. Only White men can be discriminated against and when that happens, it's fair, it's right, and liberals call it Affirmative Action. There is no time limit set to this plan. Liberal's will invoke it and the race card, as necessary, in order to feel good about themselves. In fact, liberals LOVE to chortle that, "Diversity Is our Greatest Strength," which allows them to ignore US immigration laws, deporting illegal aliens, and sealing the border because it's based on racial profiling, therefore it is wrong. If you support immigration laws, you're a racist. Again, it's only Conservatives, seeking to retain the tried and true, to preserve American language, and who love American culture, who are prejudice, evil, and hate mongers. It's okay, as liberals think, that ALL ALIENS, legal and illegal, be allowed to maintain their cultural heritage, and who cares if they assimilate into mainstream America. If they don't, why, we'll just give them money to learn English as a second language! And liberals will feel good about it as they drive into their gated communities for the night. 8. Big Business is evil and oppressive. They must be regulated. Government (as run by liberals) only creates wealth, love, happiness, and enforced tolerance, and thus, should be expanded whenever possible. Only liberals like Hitlery, BJ Bubba, Maobama (and his TWO Autobiographies), Oprag Winfrey. Ted Drunkennedy, Ted Turner, Bill Gates, and Peter Lewis can make huge profits and keep them, not Exxon, Mobil, or Texaco, that work to keep America moving. Nope. Huge profits are nasty, evil, obscene, and un-American, except when liberals reap them. Then they can give LESS than one percent of it to charity and feel good about themselves.
10. No to the US Military. Period. They are evil warmongers. Bill Ayers says it's so. They can only be used to "wag the dog" on meals on wheels peace missions to cover up BJ's and cigar misuse in the Oval Office. That way, liberals can feel good about feeding Haitians while ignoring the goings-on at home. In conclusion, once you understand the basics of how liberals think, that they think only to "feel good", then you can understand exactly where they are coming from on every issue. For example, as caday5 would think, it's wrong for the US military to free Iraq from Saddam's evil, but it's okay for a PLO terrorist to get a mentally-challenged teenager to become a suicide bomber and blow up an Israeli schoolbus because the Jews "took their land!" Who cares that the Arabs started it in 1948! The playing field must be leveled, the Jews (as the superior force) must be made more equal to the PLO, Hamas, and Hezbollah, in order to be fair. Or even better, as caday5 would think, that it was wrong for Bush to spend billions freeing Iraq, who is likely to become a good ally but it's okay to spend TRILLIONS on PORKZILLA...because they can all feel good about that! They've HELPED Peggy the Moocher fill her gas tank and pay her mortgage. Truly, trying to understand liberal thinking is more trouble than it is worth, just ask anyone Conservative man who dated a lib broad (and the Gunny dated a few Caulifornia chickies back in the 80's). A waste of time trying to rewire them. No, the BEST action is to take all of the steps necessary to make SURE that liberals never get elected in the first place or if they get help from ACORN, to boot them out at the first opportunity. Then work on running them out of the US, preferably ASAP!

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