April 2, 2009

Obama Racking Up Reward Zone Points

LONDON (TSO) - President Obama is padding his personal Best Buy Rewards Zone account, and restoring hope in a lost world, with neat gifts to British dignitaries.
After Prime Minister Gordon Brown gave the President an everyday pen holder, carved from the timbers of the anti-slave ship from which the presidential desk was made, Mr. Obama returned the favor with what many consider to be perhaps the most meaningful diplomatic gift of the last century: a DVD-of-the-Month-Club membership. Analysts agree that the gift not only speaks to the President’s immeasurable experience in foreign affairs, but also bumped his Reward Zone account to the tune of approximately 50 points.
With a mere 150 points needed to claim Apple’s new iTeleprompter, the President sealed the deal when he purchased an iPod for the Queen of England.

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