April 9, 2009

Columbus Day Becomes "Fall Weekend"

Brown University has renamed Columbus Day as "Fall Weekend," on the grounds that honoring the guy held responsible for the spread of Western Civilization to the Western Hemisphere would be "inconsistent with Brown's values."
Via Pajamas Media, this excerpt from The Killing of History gives an indication of the culture our forefathers displaced, to the horror of liberal educrats:
Human sacrifice was practiced by the Aztecs of Mexico, the Mayas of Yucatan, the Incas of Peru, the Tupinambas and the Caytes of Brazil, the natives of Guyana and the Pawnee and Huron tribes of North America. In societies that had developed urban settlements, such as those of the Aztecs and Mayas, victims were usually taken to a central temple and lain across an altar where priests would cut out their hearts and offer them to the gods. In the less technologically developed societies of Guyana and Brazil, victims would either be battered to death in the open and then dismembered, or tied up and burned to death over a fire. The early Europeans were shocked to find that sacrifice was often accompanied by cannibalism. In Tenochtitlan, the remains of sacrificed victims were taken from the temples and distributed among the populace, who would cook the flesh in a stew. In Guyana and Brazil, limbs of victims were skewered and roasted over a spit before being consumed. The Caytes of the Brazilian coast ate the crew of every wrecked Portuguese vessel they found. The American anthropologist Harry Turney-High writes: “At one meal they ate the first Bishop of Bahia, to Canons, the Procurator of the Royal Portuguese Treasury, two pregnant women, and several children.”
The sin of Columbus was that his discovery lead to these vibrant multicultural festivities giving way to the ultimate crime against political correctness, the USA.

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