March 7, 2009

Obama Is Still Nothing More Than An Empty Suit

It's common knowledge that Comrade Maobama not only snubbed PM Brown, the Prime Minister of really, our closest ally (some say by MicHELLe's insistence) but then Hopey Changey gives him a TWENTY FIVE DVD set of American classic flicks. In the words of R. Lee Ermey: "YOU GOTTA BE SH*TTING ME PYLE!" What kind of incompetent, bungling, useless, and inept dingleberry did the liberals put in the Oval Office? Once again libs, if you voted for Senator Government, feel free to take a sulfuric acid bath and don't hurry to get out of it too soon.

Think of it like this. Comrade Maobama gets serenaded by Earth, Wind, and Fire on our dime. Comrade Maobama gets serenaded by Stevie Wonder (evidently no white musicians were available, must be a Jeremiah Wright thing) on our dime. Comrade Maobama and MicHELLe fly out to Denver on AF One to party, on our dime. Comrade Maobama eats $100.00 PER POUND Kobe beef, IMPORTED from Japan specially for him (guess American beef doesn't go with arugula) while Americans are losing their a**es because Comrade Maobama doesn't watch the "gyrations of the stock market aka that thingy that tracks the money stuff. Comrade Maobama takes AF One from Andrews AFB to Williamsburg Virginia, for a ANOTHER party hardy event, a distance of 185 MILES, when he could have taken Marine One, on our dime. Comrade Maobama gets a VERY thoughful gift from the UK, a pen made from the wood of an anti-slave ship, the HMS Gannet...


The more I see this imbecile at work, the more he sees the actions of a spoiled child at work. Comrade Maobama's had his thinking done for him HIS WHOLE LIFE! While we joke about his Affirmative Action presidency, IT TRULY IS ONE! His granny )that he threw under the bus) raised him, spoiled him, and sent him to the finest schools money can buy, no doubt overcompensating for his Kenyan father who left some DNA behind that resulted in Daddy's little squirt being born to a commie mommie, who then split.

Comrade Maobama is also a coward and like all cowards is a passive aggressive. Think back to the campaign to when Hopey Chnagey was talking about McShanesty and scratched his face with his middle finger. Meaning? F You Juan McShamnesty. The typical behavoir of a teeny-bopper who's mental and maturity development was halted by forced unknown. The measly gift was intended as it was given and I hope that Brown dumped it in a sh*tcan on his way out of DC.

Britain has been our ally since the early 1800's, certainly after the Treaty of Ghent and we've grown together since then. From World War One to Team Reagan and team Thatcher, we've been buddies and in this insane world, having ONE TRUE ally is solid gold. But consider the chain of events here. First, Comrade Maobama returns the bust of Churchill given to Bush 43 by the Brits. WHY? Because Churchill was a white capitalist and he hated communism, Comrade Maobama's ideology. Second, Comrade Maobama snubs Brown like a pathetic immature child taking his ball and going home. Then, to top it all off, this triple-vested jackanape, with a brain the size of a pea and a spine like overboiled linguini gives Brown something he could purchase off of AMAZON! Then Hopey Changey does not even invite brown to the concert WE PAID FOR!

On top of being stupid, it appears that Comrade Maobama has about as much class as a two dollar wh*re on payday. I am throwing down the gauntlet here and now.

Comrade Maobama, you can put me on your attack list (PLEASE DO!) but you are a contemptible swine and in fact, calling you a swine is an insult to swine everywhere. You are nothing more than an immature power-mad Sh*tcago Thug. This nation can not be shed of you and your non tax paying ilk fast enough. You are an embarrassment to the USA. In fact, you chattering tool, 2012 can't come fast enough.

One bright analytical note here. As with our own Conservative Party reigniting the fire in our belly at the antics of the Kenyan Usurper, there can be NO DOUBT that the British National Party will profit from the political gaffes Comrade Maobama has made and which were intended to drive a wedge between the US and the UK because that is all this community-organizing, snot-nosed sycophant, Alinsky-loving piece human flotsam knows how to do. Destroy. Wreck. Tear Down. Break. Ruin. It's the commie way, the Alinsky way, and it's Comrade Maobama's way.

I am betting that Comrade Maobama, in the bets traditions of an immature narcissic...regifted the DVD set to Brown. I would bet money on it.

Now the little boy in the White House kicks our ONLY real ally in the crotch but he's already working overtime to grease up and bend over for the likes of Iran, NorK, Syria, etc. In fact, Comrade Clueless has Shrillary working hard to marginalize Israel, and no doubt she is telling them NOT to act against Iran.

Dear Israelis, nuke the b*stards, we've got your six.

It's really quite evident by the cheapness of this gift what the empty suit thinks of our allies and when one compares that DVD set to what Comrade Maobama has lavished on, say ACORN and his other socialist-democrats, i.e., 4 BILLION tax payer dollars for community organizers everywhere! Moreover, when one considers the historical aspect of the relationship between Kenya and Britain, that is, Churchill crushing teh communist MauMau rebellion, then the cheesy gift and the snubbing becomes crystal clear. This is why Article Two, Section One, Clause Five of the US Constitution is so vital:

"No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States."

The Founding Fathers, once again proving themselves smarter than today's politicians, foresaw such events like the one above. Comrade Maobama has divided loyalties, between Kenya and the USA, and it shows by his actions above. Liberals were too drunk on the DNC kool-aid to understand the signifiance of Comrade Maobama's campaigning for Odinga in Kenya but it's clear that his loyalty is divided. The Gunny won't even mention his race relations as taught to him by his mentors Frank Marshall Davis and Jeremiah Wright, that seek to further divide this nation between the producers and the parasites.

America took a gut punch on 4 November when the bread and circus masses yanked the lever for Senator "Handout." On the bright side of things, the more this immature imbecile playing POTUS screws up, the stronger our cause becomes and the easier it will be to kick him to the curb in 2012. Indeed, the damage that he is doing to the Jackass Party serves our cause even better. Between his actions and the actions of the liberal maggots in the Politboro on the Potomac, i.e., PORKZILLA, the coming election will be a landslide against the liberals unlike anything we've seen since Ronald Magnum crushed Carter/Mondale. Just remember, everytime Comrade Maobama stumbles, let's be there to assist in further tripping him up and then promulgating his nincompoopery to the world.

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