March 17, 2009

Obama's Civilian Army To Be Raced Based

As if he didn't have enough to do bankrupting the economy, Chairman Zero is moving forward with announced plans to create a "civilian security force" as large and well-funded as the entire military — a massively bloated American version of Germany's Sturmabteilung. Steps are already being taken to ensure that it will not be dominated by the sort of patriots we find in the military, who serve the Constitution, not some Marxist punk community activist, and would be unlikely to fire on Americans in defense of an emerging dictatorship. Check out this paragraph from HR1388, the "GIVE (Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education) Act," under the section on building a "National Civilian Community Corps":
The Director shall take appropriate steps, including through outreach and recruitment activities carried out by the chief executive officer, to increase the percentage of participants in the program who are disadvantaged youth toward 50 percent of all participants by year 2011. The Director shall report to the appropriate committees of Congress biennially on such efforts, any challenges faced, and the annual participation rates of disadvantaged youth in the program.
"Disadvantaged youth" is liberalese for non-Caucasians. Like Hitler's, the socialist dictatorship we are plunging into will be based on race.
Notably, this alarming bill is sponsored by Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY). She was elected after the Colin Ferguson massacre as a one-issue candidate whose only focus was repealing the Second Amendment — which in the end is what defends us not only from Colin Fergusons but from the sort of tyranny she is currently helping to emerge.
Filmed at a polling place in Philadelphia last November 4, these are the kinds of volunteer youths who will be staffing the massive national security force:
Of course, in the future, they will be much better armed. Welcome to New Zimbabwe

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