March 16, 2009

Conservative Checklist For This Idiot President

1. Continue to cause hate and discontent within the Democrat Party.

2. Whenever president Hussein missteps, to stick out a foot to trip him up more.

3. Whenever president Hussein puts out a hand for help, deny it.

4. Whenever president Hussein stumbles, to shove him from behind.

5. Whenever president Hussein trips, to assist in yanking the rug out from under him.

6. Whenever president Hussein falls, to kick him when he's down.

7. Whenever bad news hits, to hype it up, promulgate it, publish it, and push it out to the American people.

8. To spread rumors, disinformation, lies, scandals about liberals, whenever and wherever possible.

9. To sow the seeds of pain and suffering within the Democrat Party.

10. To remain staunchly partisan and to do NOTHING WHATSOEVER to assist liberals in any way, shape, or form.

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