March 23, 2009


WTF is IT with these imbeciles? Are they TOTALLY unable to speak without a teleprompter in front of them 24/7? Are they so TOTALLY incapable of knowing their subject material enough to be able to confidently speak about it? That's what briefers are taught but then again, this is the administration of simple-minded radical children, often in the positions they are because of Affirmative Action or just outright nepotism. From Gibbs following his Master's lead as a stuttering fool to the antics of Turbo Tax Timmy Ghietner to a cabinet so full of cheats, liars, and frauds, that pathetic puppet and his team of idiots is almost laughable...almost. What makes this even funnier is that the leftist vermin made of the way Bush gave speeches but at least one, he had no teleprompter, and two, he wasn't a stuttering babbling fool.

"It is far better to remain silent, and let people think you are a fool, than to open your mouth and confirm that you are a fool!"

The Comrade Maobama team seems bound and determined to confirm this each and every day.

Someone tell Gibbs he's in so far over his head, that he could shovel the manure for a century and not see daylight!

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