March 12, 2009

Al-Qeada Terrorist Courses For The Do It Yourself Bomber

Bomb-Making 101
Bomb-Making 102
Assassinations 101
Assassinations 102
Advanced Cop-Killing Techniques
America Hating 101
America hating 102
How to cut off a head in Three Easy steps.
How to fly a jumbo jet into a building full of innocent people
Liberalism 101
Liberalism 102
Advanced Liberalism or, "How to stop thinking in three easy steps."
The care and feeding of liberal Dhimmis.
Suicide Bombing 101
Suicide Bombing 102
How to recruit children for Suicide Bombing Missions
Wife beating 101
Wife beating 102
NAMBLA memberships and their position in the Democrat Party
Martyrdom 101
Martyrdom 102
Getting others to Martydom themselves in your place.
The art of Camel love
Destroying Western Civilization
Weathermen Underground, the history of
William Ayers, liberal hero
Bomb Theory 222
Firing Katyusha Rockets into Israeli Neighborhhoods 101
Firing Katyusha Rockets into Israeli Neighborhhoods 102
Firing Katyusha Rockets into Israeli Neighborhhoods using Hospitals as cover 200-202
Why Jews suck 101
Really Hating Jews 102
Insane Hatred 200-300-400
How to Instill Insane Hatred into Your Children

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