March 7, 2009

Congrats Libturds..You've Elected An Idiot

Well, it's no longer any news that Dopey McChange is an idiot. He confirms it everytime he opens his yap. The ONLY silver-lining in this black could be (no pun intended) that Dopey is finishing the work that BJ Bubba Clinton started, and that is, the destruction of the Dhimmicrat Party aka The Jackass Party aka Libvermin. It's amazing that liberals could put an economic moron like Bawney Fwank in charge of the Congressional Banking Cmte, a serious Marxist tool by his own admission, and then wonder why the bottom fell out of Fannie and Freddie. Liberals, there are too many videos out there exposing Bawney and his corrupt buddy Chris Dodd, so don't bother lying, y'all know this to be true..."YOU OWN THIS ECONOMIC MELTDOWN." In fact, you also OWN the meltdown of the DOW!

FACT: Oct 2007. Dow at 14K. Unemployment at a 25 year LOW. Interest rates VERY LOW.

Liberals take over the Congress and turn it into the Politboro on the Potomac. Fannie and Freddie meltdown, the Dow drops, and as of yesterday, Americans have lost THREE TRILLION DOLLARS of THEIR money to liberalism. But liberals don't give a flying shate folks. Why? Because THEY GOT THEIR's. Why do you think they freely spend OUR money while giving so miserly of THEIR MONEY to charity?

We got saddled with an idiot folks, thanks to Peggy the Moocher, Henrietta Hughes, and a host of butt-ignorant white liberals who should have been strangled in their cribs. (Now I KNOW why rats eat their young.)

Liberals bleated that Dopey was sooooooooooo smart yet he can't even figure out that P&E is Price-to-Earning NOT Profit and Earnings. We have an idiot at the helm my friends and the ONLY silver lining in this black cloud (pun intended) is that he is finishing what BJ Bubba started and that is, the destruction of the Dhimmicrat Party aka the Jackass Party. Or more commonly known simply as Libvermin.

Since 4 November 2008, the Dow is DOWN 2500. Who can we thank for this? Why, Peggy the Moocher, Henrietta Hughes, and stupid white liberals. But hey, it was historic and it FELT good to do it right? That's all that a libturd.

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