January 26, 2009

UFO at Inauguration...It Just Gets Crazier

Barack Obama says we've entered a "new era of responsibility."I think we're in a "new era of insanity."Did you know that a UFO made an appearance at the inauguration?
Video of what some speculate is a UFO flying over President Obama's inauguration has circulated over the Internet, The Sun has reported.The video shows an unknown object flying past the Washington Monument, as nearly two million people gathered to watch the inauguration.I agree that the object is not a bird. Could the wind have swept away Aretha Franklin's hat? Is that the mysterious object in the sky?Watch this video clip from CNN.That "UFO" could be a helicopter. There's even a close-up shot of the helicopter patrolling the area.Why all the UFO talk? Is this a side effect of Obama-mania? Is this foolishness what follows the Obama euphoria of earlier in the week? Are people trying to fill that post-inauguration void with something else to excite them?I'm quite confident that extraterrestrials did not come by to witness Obama's inauguration.All the goofy UFO speculation is just weird. Will the next four years be like living in the supermarket checkout lane, surrounded by tabloid nonsense?These are very strange times.

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