January 21, 2009

It's Never Enough

We are now turning over control of our country to an unqualified community organizer with no executive experience and multiple anti-American ties — a character who would never get security clearance to empty the wastebaskets at the Pentagon — primarily because he is half African. Now will we stop being clubbed over the head about how racist America is against blacks? Of course not.
Here's Tavis Smiley — host of the coercively financed PBS show of the same name — on Meet the Depressed last Sunday, referring to The Anointed One's coronation occurring the day after Martin Luther King Day:
[I]t's important to state that Obama's election is a down payment on King's dream, it is not the fulfillment of King's dream, and that's a crucial, I think, and critical distinction we have to make.
The race-based moonbat insanity is only just beginning. No matter how little we've done wrong or how much we've done to atone for it, we are always guilty in the eyes of race hustlers and the rest of the liberal elite oligarchy — because people who have been trained to hate themselves are easy to exploit and control.

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