January 3, 2009

New Years Wish

Today I bought gas for $1.72 a gallon. Where is the press to praise President Bush for this?
Today I realized again that we haven’t been attacked on our homeland since September 11, 2001. Where is the press praise for President Bush about this?
Today someone sent me a link about the market history, and pointed out the all-time Dow Jones Industrial record high close on October 9, 2007 of 14164.53. I didn’t find any mainstream media accounts praising President Bush for that? Yet, I find multiple sources today blaming President Bush for the market’s crash and record lows. How does that square?
Today, violence in Iraq is the lowest it’s ever been, and by all accounts, the Iraq war has been won. Where is the media to praise President Bush for this?
I could go on and on and on with example after example, but for everything the left has blamed Bush for, they have failed to give him credit when the reverse results were true, regardless of the event. But then again, I guess that just goes to the known double-standard I’ve observed in the press. If it helps Bush, don’t print it - if it hurts Bush, it’s front page for months.
You idiot liberals have the “change” candidate you’ve wanted, and I surely hope you won’t be disappointed when the seas don’t really recede like he promised. Have fun! Those of us in reality land will be back here watching, perhaps partaking in a bit of rib gouging when appropriate. I can’t enjoy too much of it, though, as I want no harm to come to my country.
My wish for the new year is a mainstream media that will shake free of its love affair and finally start reporting on the REAL Obama, who, despite most beliefs, is actually a mere mortal.

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