January 26, 2009

The Feds Move In

If there is one saving grace to the Obama Administration, it's that it is so rife with corrupt lowlife, it will be too busy fending off prosecutors to impose socialism. One week into this debacle and already many of the Anointed One's top staffers and close associates have been served with subpoenas, including Master Puppeteer David Axelrod, who manages his image and writes his hokey speeches. Also on the list: Rahm Emanuel, Tony Rezko, and Valerie Jarrett. More at Doug Ross.
Don't expect this to generate much interest in the media. But by keeping a lid on the corruption that surrounds their dime store messiah, MSM moonbats allow him to get ever farther over his head. When people figure out what they've been duped into voting for, the day of reckoning won't be pretty.

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