January 26, 2009

IRS Tax Cheat Confirmed!!!

More hope and change...The senate is voting this afternoon to place tax cheat Timothy Geithner in charge of the Treasury Department and IRS.Harry Reid is holding the vote at 6:00 PM UPDATE: Confirmed.
The U.S. Senate on Monday backed Timothy Geithner to be Treasury secretary, setting aside misgivings about his failure to pay some taxes in light of his experience battling the financial crisis.Geithner, 47, was expected to be sworn in quickly to help lead President Barack Obama's efforts to stabilize a worsening economy. In coming weeks, he is expected to unveil reforms to the United States' $700 billion financial bailout program to provide more support for housing and credit markets, and possibly a new effort to absorb troubled assets from banks.The vote was 60-34. This is an outrage!! This government must be held responsible for its actions NOW!! Do you really think that if this was a republican....I don't have to finish the sentence.

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