May 13, 2009

What's The Next Crisis Obama Must Fix?

We’ve seen through the lens of history how various Dictators used crisis and circumstances to falsely rally the people to their side, calling for reforms, national security, change, health care and new jobs. The whole time, promising to fix problems that they themselves had caused. We have heard Rham Emanuel, Hillary Clinton and other top Obama voice pieces stating proudly that “we should never waste a good crisis.” Well, they certainly don’t seem to be wasting anything do they?
What are some of these manipulated crisis that are being used to manipulate our money and freedom away?
Favorite Diversions:
“I inherited this mess from Bush” “It will take time to fix it”
Remember the whole time you swoop in to take over the ailing banking institutions to blame it all on Bush, Republican leadership and evil corporations. It has everything to do with conservative overspending, especially on a waste of time war in Iraq. Of course none of the mortgage crisis and financial melt down has anything at all to do with liberals and liberal/ democrat bills. They only care about people and needs unlike the mean spirited and racist conservatives.
Naturally, that is why flaming liberal Bill Clinton repealed the critically important Glass-Steagall Bill that had long provided proper protection, guidance and limitations to the banking institutions and lending practices. Almost overnight, at the adoring and empathetic hands of the liberal democrats, bankers were forced to offer and give loans to undeserving customers, with bad credit, who would have never fit any proper banking guidelines to get a home loan, but now, thanks to wanting to avoid the appearance of racism to the extreme and not wanting to miss serve the poor, 130% mortgages started flying out the door. These were loans the liberals were forcing our bankers to give or face the music. It didn’t take long before they could see the other shoe dropping as hundreds of thousands of clients, no millions, defaulted. Banks started sweeping sidewalks at the graveyard and now……………. “Trouble in river city” that continues.
There were other times in our brief history that our economy was being flattened and interest rates were raising up to 21%. Those were the precious days of yet another bold democratic President Jimmy Carter. His policies of huge Government showed the economy a thing or two all right. It put us in intensive care! Thank God Ronald Reagan came around when he did. He managed to put some balance and common sense back in Government and took its size back down a notch or two and soon, the interest rates came back to normal and the numbers showed growth and health again.
“I won and you didn’t”
I don’t know which one I like more, the endless blaming of Bush for everything or the reminding us all the time that he won and we didn’t. Both statements make me think of a narcissistic junior high boy having a word fight in the hallway.
The facts outside of Bush, the world economy and Republicans many vises, are:
Obama has forcibly taken over our banks. It’s on the record that many didn’t want funds and sent leadership to congress asserting their reserves. They were told you all take the money or no one gets any and you would get no more later if you needed it. Of course, they took the money. Then, it is also known, that many came quickly back to congress to offer their Tarp money back and congress would not allow them to pay it back.
Then there was the automobile take over
Chrysler is forced to merge with Fiat and we find out that many lenders were horribly threatened from White House sources if they wouldn’t agree to the terms. More mergers and misrepresentations will come with the auto industry as UNION bosses are paid back for giving so much to Obama. Watch the horror unfold as what were classic auto companies will now turn into UNION monopolies controlled by Obama, creating Frankenstonian, environmentally sensitive, mini cars that cost the earth and look disgusting!
The next ever so loving move by this President was to release the Homeland Security Report the day before the April 15th Tea Parties, identifying most of us as potential domestic terrorists. It read like a declaration of war against the American people and dared to list after pages of insults, even our brave and devoted vets returning from war. Unforgivable! My sidekick every Friday on my national radio show and I’m proud to say, friend, Doug Hagmann of Northeast Intelligence Network, wrote an article recently with Randy Taylor that comments on these very things in such a way as only they can (Canada Free Press article).
What is the next crisis that Obama must fix with more of our money?

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