May 21, 2009

CIA Torture Briefing Logs

Washington, DC -- Who knew what and when did they know it? That is the single most vexing question facing the US public with regards to which members of Congress were briefed by the CIA on "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (EIT)" more commonly known as "torture" of prisoners in Iraq, Afghanistan and at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi has been telling the public that she didn't know what was going on and/or the CIA lied to her. This document will lay that lie to rest.The link below will provide you with the actual Log kept by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), proving which members of Congress knew what, when they knew it and which of their staff members were also present at these briefings!Once again, we have obtained documents from a government agency labeled FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY which are not supposed to be given to the media or to the public.We publish this document in the public interest because only an informed public can hold its government accountable.Click Here to download the official CIA - Congressional Torture Briefings LogClick Here for the Cover Letter sent with the log above

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