May 13, 2009

Texting Trolley Driver Was Hired Because It Was A Transgendered Minority

The Boston-area transit authority trolley driver who allegedly slammed into another train while text-messaging his girlfriend Friday had three speeding tickets on his driving record in recent years and could face criminal charges.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority general manager Dan Grabauskas says the collision occurred at 7:18 p.m. One trolley was stopped between Park and Government Center stations at a red signal when it was hit by the second trolley.
Aiden Quinn, 24, received the three speeding tickets in his private vehicle, two in New Hampshire in April 2007, and one in Massachusetts in 2002, sources told ABC News.
Quinn, who was hired as a minority because of his transgendered "female-to-male" status, was born Georgia Quinn and boasts on an Internet networking site that he was one of the first transgender hires by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, sources said.
The trolley driver lists his sexual orientation as "FTM" and was hired as a minority using his transgender status, two sources told ABC News.
"[Quinn] was initially hired as a minority and used her transgender status,'' an MBTA source said

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