May 26, 2009

President Numb Nuts In Action

How many of us have been to a carnival and saw the different shows and played at the rigged games and had a great time? Probably us all. Well here is another great game, TEST YOUR STOMACH. Here are some videos of what the liberals elected, Soros' puppet in action, a clueless stooge without a shred of executive experience, actually elected to office (with help from ACORN), and having a negative impact on our lives. So test your stomach and see if you can watch these videos without projectile vomiting into the nearest sh*tcan. This is what passes for a leader in the Dummycrat Nazi Party. Well liberals, hope it was worth it because these videos WILL be seen again, in 2011 and 2012. You elected a moron, a puppet of George Soros and when your party fragments because of it, we'll make sure to kick you when you're down...

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