May 14, 2009

Pelosi: Liar Of The House

How did America sink so very low? So very fast.

Can you say deer in the headlights. Pelosi is sweating and lying and squirming and ridiculous. But the money quote is this pathological liar is calling for a "truth comminssion". A TRUTH COMMISSION. We are living Atlas Shrugged. You don't have to read it. You are in it.
A truth commission? More obfuscation and smoke and mirrors to distract the American people from what's really happening in this country. Socialism. Bankruptcy. Dismantling of the military in the face of a savage enemy.
What a liar. First she said, We Were Not! I Repeat NOT EVER TOLD Waterboarding Was Used! Now she said she was, sorta. Once again she drags out of the corpse of BUSH LIED PEOPLE DIED! NO WMD! This is pathetic.
This morally bankrupt political hack talking about American values. "Torture!" Nonsense. They saved our lives. The Democrats should all move to Tora Bora with the rest of their political soulmates. America elected these clowns. Shame on you.
Pelosi accused the CIA of lying. I cannot wait for the fallout.
Pelosi Accuses CIA Of Lying Legal Insurrection
Nancy Pelosi is holding a press conference in which she has acknowledged being briefed by the CIA about waterboarding in 2002, but accuses the CIA of lying to Congress about the use of the technique and whether the techniques were legal. Pelosi also acknowledged, when pressed by questions, that she was told in 2003 by an assistant, that the CIA was using waterboarding. This puts Pelosi and Democrats in Congress who support her on a collision course with the intelligence community.Pelosi claimed that she took action to stop the policies, by working to take control of Congress and passing legislation several years later. Pelosi also used a logical and political slight of hand by asserting that at the same time the Bush administration was misleading Congress about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.Pelosi has upped the ante, and it seems inevitable that there will be a "truth commission" to find out what the person two heartbeats from the presidency knew, and when she knew it.Updates to follow once the transcript is available. The press conference is ongoing, and the questioning is good and hard hitting, pointing out Pelosi's change in stories over time.
UPDATE: Now she says it's 2003 she knew. The truth doesn't change! (hat tip Susan)
On Drudge. I'm goin' with the CIA on this one. But that's just me.

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