May 13, 2009


As we fast approach the coming violent revolution here in the United States, - and be assured it is coming - its become quite apparent that such an effort will require help in many fields. The purging of political, cultural and social filth is one of the tasks that the revolution will engage in and such task will require enormous amounts of manpower.What you're about to read may seem harsh at first, but it truly is necessary.With so much political, cultural and social filth infesting our once great land, the clean up is going to involve a lot of wet work. Hey, you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, so making a mess to clean up our mess is something we need to prepare for.I envision the clean up being accomplished with all-night firing squads, hangings and perhaps even use of guillotines.Take a look at the complete cluster fuck of a mess we suffer at the federal level. At least half the House of Representatives has to go. Better than half of the Senate has to go. At least three and probably four Supreme Court Justices and boatloads of their brethren in the Circuit Courts of Appeal and District courts too. Think about that for just a moment. . . . . the tally is already up near a thousand!But what a joy it would be. Since many of the elected officials at the local, county state and federal level are such outright traitors to freedom, degenerate perverts, liars, cheats and thieves, they are completely beyond redemption or re-education. For myself, I can't see any reason at all to pay to feed and house them in jail when the new American Sovereignty arises, so we need to have methods in place to properly deal with these vermin from the outset.I think all-night firing squads, public hangings and even beheading via Guillotine are in order.Imagine the thrill of seeing degenerate perverts like Barney Frank of Massachusetts swing from a rope. Consider how many will look-on with glee as the hideously ugly, plastic-faced, phony, Nancy Pelosi, gets an instant makeover from the neck up. CHOP! THAT would be a real public service!This doesn't even begin to take into account the perverts in the National Endowment for the Arts, for atrocities like the Maplethorpe exhibit. Consider too, the dingbats in the National Institutes of Health who are paying almost $2 million of our tax dollars this year for doctors to study gay sex habits in bars in Argentina and another study and millions more of our tax dollars to teach Chinese prostitutes about the dangers of drinking too much alcohol on the job. Yes, these are real examples!How about the Department of Energy? They were formed during the Carter Administration to develop new sources of energy to lessen US dependence on foreign oil. Their budget is about $24 Billion a year. All that money, over all that time and what do we have to show for it? Are we less dependent upon foreign oil today than we were in the mid 1970's? No. So what has all that money and all that time gotten our nation? Zip. Nada. Nothing. The entire agency deserves to be hung by their necks until they are dead.How about the Department of Education? Now there's a contradiction in terms if ever I heard one! In all the years they've been in existence, have American school kids gotten better educated than ones from 30 years ago? No. In fact, thanks to the the Dept. of Education, most of our children are coming out of school totally unprepared for real life. The damage done to the future of this nation by the Dept. of Education is a crime against humanity. All the employees in that agency deserve to be shot by firing squads for the pathetic failures that they are. ALL of them!Agency after agency at the federal level are nothing more than complete, dismal failures and they deserve what they have coming.Thankfully, our friends in FEMA have already purchased one million plastic coffins, half of which are already neatly staked in a field in Georgia. Thanks, guys! Hope a lot of you will feel snug in them.Next, let's talk about the cultural and social filth. Who is it that has been peddling this filth over the airwaves and in newspapers, magazines and the like? Yes, you-know who! Which, incidentally, is why Hitler sent 6 million of them rightly to their deaths for the culture wrecking they perpetrated on Germany! I know, I know, you've all heard that Hitler was some sort of monster who targeted certain groups simply because who they were. Not true. He saw who was peddling the filth. He saw the books like "Heather has two mommies" and "Daddy's Roomate" and saw how such similar things were wrecking his country. Why do you think they burned such books? Forbidden knowldege? No, Cultural filth! Hitler told told them to stop pushing this crap on German society but, being the arrogant Christ killers that they were, they refused. So. . . . he killed them. Problem solved. . . . at least for Germany. The rest of us, not so fortunate. The progeny of those same folks who were wrecking Germany back then are here today wrecking our nation. The solution? Get em all this time!Let's move on to the greedy bankers, Wall Street types and the other "masters-of-the-universe" who've been wrecking the economy, robbing trillions from our retirement funds and shipping US jobs overseas to pad their own pockets? I say, line em up and gun them down. They have no loyalty to this nation. Their only loyalty is to their own pockets. Let's see how much their money protects them we WE come calling? BANG. OOOOPS, turns out money ain't bullet proof.I could go on and on and on, but you get the idea. Folks, America is in dire trouble. Our nation is being systematically destroyed. KILLED! It is our right to use lethal force in self defense.A fight is coming to this country. A real, blood and guts, kill or be killed fight. It is going to be quite ugly because it HAS to be. There's no avoiding it. Elections won't work because the system has been completely, totally corrupted. In fact, right now, as you read this, groups are studying where to put tens of thousands of illegal aliens into "swing" districts so when the Census is taken in 2010, they redraw districts to make certain they can steal the next 10 years of elections!Not only are the illegal aliens stealing your country, they're helping steal your birthright vote too! To them, this is all just some sort of game to be rigged, stolen or otherwise won by any means necessary.Lest you think that using force to stop this is too harsh, let me remind you that the people who are wrecking this nation are the very same people who have no problem whatsoever killing innocent babies inside their mothers through convenience abortions! Think they'll care one wit about killing you too? Think again!Force is the only viable option left to save America.The government knows this and they just want to keep the status quo without having the nation erupt in violence. They're doing everything they can to delay the inevitable long enough while they try to quietly disarm us so we cannot fight. It won't work.So, my dear readers, prepare yourselves. Start thinking about what role YOU want to play as we purge the filth from this land forever.Oh, and you folks in government. . . . . take this a real life wake-up call. There are people like me all over this nation and we have had enough of you. We're starting to openly discuss killing you and we're not one bit afraid of what you think about it. You see, we grossly outnumber you. We have you completely surrounded. We have more guns than you and more ammunition than you. Best of all, we're motivated! You have screwed us around for so long, and so badly that guys like me are perfectly comfortable with idea of killing you.Straighten up and fly right before we decide to straighten you out our way.

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