May 13, 2009

Obama Slashes Chrysler's Ad Budget In HAlf...Noooo He Doesn't Want To Control The Auto Industry

First it was the chief executive firing the CEO of GM. NOW, he is cutting Chrysler’s advertising budget in half. But he doesn’t want to run the auto industry. BOVINE DROPPINGS!
As we have seen in our previous reports, Chrysler has put its main advertising partner, BBDO Detroit to work for the creation of the company’s new image. Even if such a move under bankruptcy might be considered a stretch, it’s not the campaign itself that troubled the waters.
Chrysler planned to spend no less than $134 million on the campaign. Well, actually, they will spend less. About 50 percent less, as the Obama administration will not allow the bankrupt manufacturer to spend more than half of that amount.
According to Court papers, the administration understands that advertising is a necessary expense, Autonews reported, but Chrysler doesn’t need to spend that much for the nine weeks campaign.
According to court transcripts, judge Arthur Gonzalez asked Robert Manzo, executive director of Capstone Advisory Group and a consultant to Chrysler: “Idle plants; why market?”.
The advisor answered “advertising and marketing dollars are critical to make sure the right message is out there about Chrysler, what’s happening to Chrysler during this interim period and why Chrysler will be a brand going forward that is one that a consumer should continue to look at as one of their purchase opportunities.” SOURCE - emphasis mine
It’s all part of the Hitler Obama Plan. He’s railed against big corporations but in reality he needs to control big corporations in order to put forth his Fascist plan. Yes, I said Fascist.
Leftists for years have warped the meaning of Fascism and stapled that label to anything, everything, and any and everyone who aligns themselves with Conservatism when the opposite is actually true. As I showed last week in my post - ‘The American Left’s Fascination With the Terms “Fascist” and “Nazi”…’ - measures long advocated by the American LEFT are actually measure put in place by the world’s most notorious and most brutal dictators NOT as the LEFT would have you believe Conservatives.
In 1932, Adolf Hitler sketched out a design for a car while having lunch in Munich…
The design was his idea for a “People’s Car … aka Volkswagen”. In February 1936 at a German industrial exhibition, Hitler propagandized his “People’s Car” to the still then skeptical populous by saying…
“…the intensive development of our most modern sector of the transport industry depends on the complete freedom of a People to make use of it, and I mean by this the absence of legal and psychological restrictions. It is no more asocial to buy a car than it once was to use a sheet of glass in a window instead of the traditional piece of oilskin. In the beginning only a few people use an invention of this kind; then it attracts more and more people until it gradually includes everyone… It was bad enough that the leaders of the People and the State, obsessed by ideas of this kind, had no understanding of the development of motorization. It was just as bad, however, that German industry, even if perhaps not consciously, thought along the same lines. Hence it had no clear awareness that unless the automobile becomes something everyone uses, its dormant potentialities will not be realized.
Either the automobile is an expensive luxury item for a few people, and hence in the long run not very important for the economy as a whole, or it is destined to have the enormous impact on the economy which by its very nature it can have. Then, however, it must be transformed from a luxury item for the few to something that everyone uses. And I fear that even today the German automobile industry has not realized that the overall development of German automobile production cannot really succeed, unless prices match the income level of the purchasers it targets. The question as to the number of cars which Germany can absorb is very easily answered. a) The desire to own a car is at least as strong in our People as in any other. Indeed I am inclined to say that the desire for a car is particularly strong because it is something our People are denied. You see the most obvious proof of this, Gentlemen, in the enormous and unprecedented number of people who are attending this exhibition. They prove most conclusively how wrong those people were, who only a few years ago thought that these exhibitions were unimportant and uninteresting and hence quite unnecessary.
The German People have precisely the same desire to use a car as, for example, the American People. It is superficial to think that a figure of 23 or 24 million cars is natural and understandable for America, and 500,000 or 600,000 for Germany, when in terms of numbers the German People are equal to more than half of the population of the United States of America. No, the prerequisite in terms of population exists in Germany, too. b) The prerequisite for the fulfillment of this desire cannot, however, be any different to that in the rest of the world. The price of the individual car must match the income of the potential purchaser. This means that there will be people who are in the position to part with 20,000 German Marks or more for a car, because their income is large enough, but their number will not be very large. Reducing the price to 10,000 German Marks already creates a much larger number of potential purchasers. And the reduction of the price to 5000 German Marks will again mobilize a larger group of suitable wage earners. In other words: If I hope to increase the number of cars in Germany to three or four million, the price and the maintenance costs of these cars must be compatible with the income of the three or four million potential buyers.
I suggest that with this in mind the German transport industry undertake a survey of the income of the four or five million better-off Germans. You will then understand why I was utterly determined to initiate the preparatory work on the production of the German Volkswagen, and why I want to see this work completed, and, Gentlemen, successfully completed!
I have no doubt that the genius of the man who has been entrusted with the design and construction of this vehicle, together with those who will later produce it, coupled with the sound economic good sense of all who will be involved, will succeed in keeping the purchase price, as well as the operating and maintenance costs of this vehicle in line with the income of the broad mass of our People, as in America, where we have seen a brilliant example of how this problem can be solved. It is an unfortunate error to think that a development of this kind will persuade the purchasers of the better and more expensive cars to lower their expectations and to purchase a Volkswagen. No, Gentlemen, this car will result in the mobilization of millions of new purchasers, from whom will come those who, consistent with the progressive improvement in our standard of living, will all the more easily be able to purchase a better and nicer-looking car.
The Ford did not replace the better and more expensive American cars; on the contrary, it was the car which first attracted and mobilized the enormous masses of American buyers who later also purchased the more expensive makes. If we find two or three million purchasers for the new German Volkswagen, there will naturally be some who in the course of their lives will purchase a more expensive and thus better car. A large proportion will, however, never be in the position to buy a more expensive car. Not, however, because they are unwilling to do the manufacturer of this or that car a favor, but because they are prevented from doing so by their limited income.
To deprive these millions of potential purchasers of the pleasure of owning a modern vehicle of this kind, simply in order to avoid the risk that a few of the 200,000 or 300,000 who are better-off might buy the less expensive car, would not only be improper in human terms but make no economic sense. For this would mean artificially halting the most powerful economic development of our People and our country for reasons which are as selfish as they are shortsighted. I know that I am confronting German industry with a major challenge, but I am also aware that a German is no less capable than anyone else in the world. And problems which have been solved in one part of the world, must also be capable of a solution in Germany…”
See, Hitler made great speeches too - YES WE CAN or in his language “Seig Heil”.
Hitler mandated that the car should be produced for 900 Marks ($396 at the time). No automaker could produce the car for 900 Marks so, Hitler ordered that the government - in a sense Himself - would produce the car. Hitler inserted himself into the auto market and ordered that the government would be producing a vehicle which would be in “… every Aryan Driveway”.
What are Obama’s plans? Will he take Chrysler or GM and order the production of a tremendously less safe vehicle that could be afforded by the poorest of the poor in the name of green technology? We’ve heard rumblings of a voucher program in which an older car could be traded in for a new “more efficient” vehicle. Will Obama order a car to be build using green technology and the safety features of a bicycle in order to keep the price down? I have his slogan for him - “… a green car in every ghetto driveway”.
People, Obama is transparent and yet you people still idolize him. He is a Fascist in the purest definition of the word. He opposes full-out Soviet style Communism (on the surface) in spite of his socialist upbringing. But yet openly makes dictatorial decisions which match those of Hitler and Mussolini. When faced with the truth of his aims, his supporters continue to have the testicular fortitude to call us on the right “Nazis” and “Fascists”. Denial is not a river in Egypt.
It started with the firing of GM’s CEO and is continuing with Obama’s dictatorial decisions about Chrysler. But also keep in mind, he is inserting himself in other industries such as banking. Where will Obama’s Fascism lead us. Hitlers led to the deaths of 13 million people - 6 million of which were Jews.

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