May 31, 2009

Sotomayor Crazy Even In College

Barking Moonbat lays out the proof right here.
Sonia "el racista" Sotomayor threw a big bean-counting tanrum when she was in Princeton back in '74. This included letters. Here are some of her bullshit gripes....
The facts of the complaint are these: 1) There is not one Puerto Rican or Chicano administrator or faculty member in the university; 2) There are two million Puerto Ricans in the United States and two and a half million more on the island itself. Yet there were only 66 Puerto Rican applicants this year, and only 31 Puerto Rican stuents on campus. While there are 12 million Chicanos in the United States, there were only 111 Chicano applicants and 27 students on campus this year; 3) Not one permanent course in this university now deals in any notable detail with the Puerto Rican or Chicano cultures.
And as Barking Moonbat stated - "Somewhere in the Lefty Mind there is this concept that any “minority” group should have representation at all walks in life, at least equal to their numbers in the overall population. Otherwise evil discrimination exists!!"
This is so, so true. If there were only 111 Chicano applicants, then maybe, there just weren't a whole hell of a lot of Chicanos that wanted to go to this school. No one is stopping anyone from applying. It's classic left-wing ethnic bean counting. It never dawns on these fools that maybe, just maybe, people of their demographic are on average, less interested in certain things than people of another demographic might be. Take the NBA or the NHL for example. One is almost all black, the other almost all white. And it'd be crazy to call either of them racist outfits. And just yesterday, a young girl of Indian descent won the national spelling bee. And I wasn't shocked. Indian children often excel in these competetions. Ya know what else - a lot of black kids like rap. And a lot of white guys are into politics and the stock market. This phenomenon does in fact happen. And it's normal, and hardly evidence of some evil racist conspiracy. And here's Sotomayor insinuating that Princeton - a reputable university that should only hire the best and brightest - ought to be handing out jobs to people based on their ethnicity.
This rat of a woman makes me sick. She is bigot. She is a racist. And she has no business being on the SCOTUS. She represents everything that is wrong with this country. This woman is a giant step backwards for our nation. And had I expected anything more out of Obama, I'd actually be disappointed in him for this.
Hope! Change! Kill Whitey!

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