March 7, 2009

Rush Billboard? This Is Getting Crazy

This is really getting ridiculous. The country is in shambles. Barack Obama isn't stopping the economic bleeding. He's shamelessly lying and breaking promises. In a remarkably short amount of time, he's managed to shake the foundations of capitalism and completely freak out investors. The future is not bright. And what does the Democratic National Committee want to talk about?Not the issues. The Dems are acting like the issue of greatest national concern is Rush Limbaugh. From FOX News:
Got something to say to Rush Limbaugh in 10 words or less? The Democratic party wants to hear from you.The Democratic National Committee is soliciting slogans for a billboard to appear in Limbaugh's "hometown" of West Palm Beach, Fla. The lucky winner will receive a T-shirt emblazoned with the winning slogan."Please keep your suggestion to ten words or fewer," the request reads on the DNC's Web site.Damien LaVera, a DNC spokesman, told that the contest is a response to Limbaugh's desire to see President Obama fail."We want Rush to see the billboard," LaVera said. "We want him and his neighbors to know this: the American people want President Obama to succeed because if the president succeeds, the country succeeds. Failure just is not an option."You can submit your slogan here.How lame!Dems should be truly embarrassed by this. What's next? Will the Dems create a fake profile for Limbaugh on craigslist, asking for other men to call him at work and "talk dirty"?I can understand why the Democrats don't want to have any serious discussion on issues. Of course they want to deflect attention from what really matters. The market is down over 30% since Obama was elected, and down 20% since his inauguration.
President Barack Obama now has the distinction of presiding over his own bear market. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 20 percent since Inauguration Day through yesterday, the fastest drop under a newly elected president in at least 90 years, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The gauge lost 53 percent from its October 2007 record of 14,164.53, slipping 4.1 percent to 6,594.44 yesterday. More than $1.6 trillion was erased from U.S. equities since Jan. 20 as mounting bank losses and rising unemployment convinced investors the recession is getting worse. The president is in danger of breaking a pattern in which the Dow rallied 9.8 percent on average in the 12 months after a Democrat captured the White House, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. “People thought there would be a brief Obama rally, and that hasn’t happened,” said Uri Landesman, who oversees about $2.5 billion at ING Groep NV’s asset management unit in New York. “It speaks to the carnage that’s in the economy and the lack of confidence in the measures that have been announced.” I expect the Democrats will want to keep Limbaugh front and center for quite a while. The Republicans shouldn't take the bait. On the issues, the Dems are losing, and losing big. Surely, patriotic Democrats can't be happy that the DNC is embarking on such a childish strategy at such a critical time for our country. If the stock market is a measure, electing Obama was a terrible, terrible mistake. But instead of confronting the country's problems, let's pick a slogan for a Rush Limbaugh billboard!Pathetic!

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