March 4, 2009

Nobama: I Really Don't Watch The Stock Market

In case you thought our Dear Leader might be the least bit worried about the $trillions of wealth that have evaporated since his catastrophic election:
Michael Goldfarb offers this analysis:
Sometimes it seems like our new president is just a little self-absorbed. I'm pretty sure that most Americans don't view the day to day fluctuations in the stock market, fluctuations that have wiped out half or more of their life savings, as anything like a tracking poll. And these numbers don't bob up and down. Since Obama's been in office they've bobbed only in one direction. The Dow has lost nearly 1,500 points in just over a month. If Obama's poll numbers had taken a dive like this during the campaign, nobody in Chicago would have been worried about the long-term strategy — they would have been worried about finding new jobs.
But the "long-term strategy" Comrade Obama mentions has nothing to do with the recovery of the market. On the contrary, the more completely they destroy our economy, the more powerful Democrats will become — or at least, that's the theory that has motivated Obama et al. to do everything they can to send investors running from the market in terror.

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