March 9, 2009

Lib Media Going Bankrupt

New York, NY -- The biggest bastion of liberal sickness, the New York Times (NYT), is scrambling to find cash as its advertising and other revenues slide further toward nothing.It was announced today that the NYT sold 21 floors of its headquarters building and agreed to lease those floors back from the buyer.Similar hardships are hitting most of the liberal media throughout the country. Never was an industry more deserving of it!The liberal media ceased being truthful many years ago. Instead, they routinely slant the news; selectively choose which stories to present and worse, HOW to present them so as to shape public thinking rather than merely report the news.The public has finally caught on to these shenanigans and won't pay to be lied to and manipulated anymore. As readership declined, so did ad revenues.As more and more liberal media outlets encounter these troubles, sooner or later it may dawn on them that we in the general public are tired of being lied to and manipulated. I think, though, the liberals are so arrogant, so condescending toward "the little people" that they will all go belly-up before admitting their worldview is wrong and caused them to failI say, good riddance.

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