March 10, 2009

Even Dying Is Racist

According to new research, end-of-life healthcare costs are much higher for blacks and Hispanics than for whites:
It's not that minorities are being charged more than whites. It's that they tend to get more costly, intensive treatments including feeding tubes and other invasive medical procedures near death. …
Medicare costs in those final [six] months averaged $20,166 for whites. Among blacks, they were $26,704, about 30 percent higher; and among Hispanics, $31,702 or almost 60 percent higher.
Since the moral of every media story involving race must be that nonwhites are oppressed by Farrakhan's blue-eyed devils, the explanations offered for this are tortuous in the extreme. An awkward attempt is made to leave the impression that nonwhites receive more healthcare when they're dying because they receive less healthcare when they're not dying, which results in their deaths being more severe, or something along those lines.
The most reasonable explanation is hinted at by Ezekiel Emanuel of the National Institutes of Health:
Some of it may be fear-based.
That is, physicians fear they will be accused of racism if they don't spend the hospital into bankruptcy to keep nonwhites alive a few minutes longer. On the other hand, physicians are more likely to "pull the plug" on whites, which won't result in Al Sharpton picketing or Eric Holder conducting an investigation

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