February 2, 2009

NBC Won't Air Political Commercial During Stuporbowl but....

Matt Lauer's Super Bowl pre-game interview with Barack Obama just concluded.NBC had technical difficulties, marring the interview. That was an embarrassment for NBC.Of course, Lauer and Obama talked politics. Obama pushed the Democrat economic stimulus plan (aka Democrat spending plan). So much for NBC's declaration that the Super Bowl would be a no politics, no advocacy zone.Lauer, dressed in a suit and looking all business, clearly was giddy at being in the presence of Obama. Obama, dressed casually, with his shirt collar open, pretended to be cool and smiled a lot. I think someone told him to be sure to smile.At the end of the interview, Obama did something that I consider to be very uncool.We were shocked at Obama's lame attempt at humor, nearly choking on our chips and taco dip.Lauer held up a photo in the current issue of US Weekly. It was a family pic -- Obama, Michelle, and their two daughters. Then, Lauer showed the cover. Only Michelle and the girls made the cover. Lauer noted that Obama was removed, and replaced with an inset including a photo of Jessica Simpson.
MATT LAUER: You got replaced by Jessica Simspon.BARACK OBAMA: Yeah, who's in a weight battle apparently. Yeah. Oh, well.Obama pointed out LIVE, to tens of millions of viewers, that Jessica Simpson is having a weight battle. That was thoughtful of him to do.Jessica Simpson can't be too thrilled with that swipe from Obama. Not cool at all. She deserves an apology from Obama. He sounded like gaffe machine Joe Biden.

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