February 27, 2009

Tea Parties Today

It was just last Thursday that Rick Santelli suggested having a Tea Party.All over the country today, Americans will be participating in events.Looking to attend a Tea Party?Michelle Malkin has a list.If there isn't a Tea Party in your area or you're unable to attend, you can still participate. Take part in the virtual Tea Party.Details:
Many of us were inspired after Rick Santelli gave his speech on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange calling for a Chicago Tea Party.There will be many events taking place across the country where people are gathering in protest of all of the spending and taxing that has been occurring lately in government. I wanted to offer an opportunity for those of us who have to work to be able to participate.I want to encourage all of you to stage your own form of a protest at your work. Don’t do anything against your company policy that would get you disciplined or fired. Here are a few ways that you can participate:1. Participate in the live tweeting using the #teaparty hashtag.2. Take part in the Tea Party rally in Second Life.3. Writing letters to the media, elected officials, etc.4. Blogging about the Tea Party and the message behind it.5. Bring bags of tea to work and lay them on your desk. When your co-workers ask you why, explain the reasoning behind the protest and say you are showing your support.6. Make iced tea for the office and share the message with those you work with.The last two on that list are things you can do at work to show support, but if you don’t feel comfortable you can still do them, but just not explain your reasoning to your co-workers if you aren’t comfortable or if you don’t work in a really accepting place.I hope that this offers you a way to participate and I hope to “see” you there!____________________UPDATE: Photos from the DC Tea PartyPhotos from the Denver Tea Party

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