February 12, 2009

Falling Apart At The Seams

I've been taking a look at the big picture again lately and forgive me if I speak the obvious but, it's all falling apart. America. It's falling apart.We have Ivy League Schools whose graduates are dumber than sand. Need proof? Look at the financial debacle. These Ivy League Bankers, Brokers and Money Managers were too friggin stupid to figure out they were running themselves into bankruptcy!Many of today's American businessmen who aren't outright stupid, are turning out to be sociopaths; brazenly robbing, defrauding and scamming anyone they can. Take the head of AIG for example; such a schemer that he wrecked his company by intentionally doing business in such a way as to make bigger bonuses for himself. Same thing with the top guys in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. These guys ran their companies right into Bankruptcy just to enrich themselves.American public school kids are graduating high schools and even colleges so dumb that most of them cannot find their own home states on an unlabeled map! A whole slew of them can't do basic math and their ability to spell or think critically is virtually non-existent.We have a government that is spending so much money there isn't enough on the entire planet to lend to them, so they have to print their own just to keep pace. That can't last much longer.We have millions of diseased, uneducated illegal aliens in the country who have brought with them their filthy, third-world cultures. These pieces of human filth have caused resurgence in diseases like polio, long cured from this land!We treat homosexuals like they're some sort of gift instead of a plague; and in some places, the boards of education are unleashing these sodomites on young school children to "teach them" about the so-called "alternative lifestyle."If you dare speak out about this stuff, you're smeared as a 'hater" or racist, bigot, homophobe or some other such thing.Things are so bad on so many levels that I no longer recognize my own country. Somethings gotta give. This cannot go on.

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