February 4, 2009

Obama Reads To Children

Can you imagine what the Slobbering Media would have said if President George Bush did this?Washington Associated Press: On a Tough Day, Obama Escapes for a WhileOh wait, we already know what the Slobbering Media said about a President sitting reading stories to school children while an important crisis was gripping the nation.I pretty much swore I wasn't going to use a lot of energy pointing out the thoroughgoing hypocrisy of the Slobbering Media's relative coverage of Bush and Zero. But this is so reminiscent of the visual on 9/11/01, when Bush was endlessly excoriated and mocked that it's just too hard to resist.With his administration floundering, with his cabinet and other appointees a joke among observers to the point that 2 weeks in Zero has to apologize for 'screwing up'...while leaving his clearly unprepared Press Secretary to fumble even softball questions from the Washington Fan Club, with Pelosi warning about 500 million (!) people losing their jobs every month, and his precious self demanding instantaneous passage of his Smoking Bacon bill or else the apocalypse will be upon us......he leaves the seat of power to read stories to school children."We were just tired of being in the White House," --says the guy who has spent 20 years running full-tilt-boogie to get into it...after being it for two whole weeks.The cognitive dissonance is vibrating my ears off...but the Slobbering Media thinks it's cute.

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