February 16, 2009

10 Questions To Ask The Media

1) Name one person in America who has read the entire stimulus bill.2) If not one person in America has read the entire stimulus bill, how can any person support it?3) If not one person has read the entire stimulus bill, how can we trust Barack Obama when he says it will create jobs?4) Barack Obama has moved the Census into the White House. Please name the last time that was done by a President, and why does this not concern you?5) Since Republicans do not have the votes to block anything the Democrats propose, how can they be labeled obstructionists?6) Name one business in America that promises to hire more workers as a result of Barack Obama's stimulus package.7) Paul Krugman won the Nobel Prize in what narrow area of economics, and why do you believe that makes him an expert on the Stimulus?8) The last time money was printed this quickly in history, it resulted in hyper inflation. Why will this not do the exact same thing?9) Who is Thomas Sowell, and why have you not interviewed him?10) How much money did Japan spend on infrastructure during the 1990s, and what was the result?

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